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Mazda Cx7 2007-2014 Android Gps Radio Car DVD Player

Product Description

The latest technology, using advanced Android navigation solutions, supports more custom settings and opens more options to users.

The latest T10/PLUS/PRO version is andriod  8 core system,

supporting 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM , 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM ,6GB RAM + 128GB ROM and 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM optional, we will continue to launch more powerful machines, please pay attention to our shop Receive notifications for new products).

Wireless CarPlay supports Apple system mobile phone Carplay function.

The main driver uses the map navigation on the left screen, and the co-pilot or the rear child (through video output) watches the favorite TV program on the right screen.

Support split screen display of any 2 applications, combining at will.

Support video and DVR application suspension, customize the display position, and make your driving experience full of cool colors.

radio has a built-in RDS function, especially for European users, it automatically selects the stable frequency of the radio

station being listened to, and displays the information of the radio station on the radio.

support steering wheel control. Most models can be used after learning the steering wheel after correct connection. Some models need to be connected to CANBUS, plug and play.

we will install the latest IGO offline map of the recipient's corresponding country (in order to save storage memory), the manual contains the download address of all maps, and provides map updates periodically.

support reverse rear view display. When the car is in reverse mode, the radio will immediately switch to the rear screen of the car to ensure your driving safety.

(Note: The original rearview camera requires CANBUS to use You need to change the machine settings after replacing the rear-view camera of different standards, otherwise it will display abnormally)

Support Bluetooth connection, dial Bluetooth phone, built-in microphone of the radio, even if the surrounding environment is noisy, the radio supports external microphone connection, which can still guarantee your call quality.

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