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Toyota Corolla 2018-2022 Gps Navigation Car DVD Player

Product Description

12.3Inch Android 12 Car Radio For Toyota Corolla 2019 2020 2021 Multimedia Video Player GPS Navi HD Screen CarPlay DSP 128GB ROM

IPS full viewing angle + Qled quantum dot screen, the screen pixel is 1920X720, the picture quality is clearer

Support Apple wireless Carplay and Android Auto, mobile APP, music, maps, etc. will be displayed on the Android player

Equipped with professional DSP sound effects, the octa-core version includes 48-segment EQ sound effect adjustment, supports lossless sound quality, and will bring you immersive music enjoyment!

Built-in Play Store, you can download APPs online, such as Google Maps, Youtube, etc.

Support multiple navigation software,if you need Navital maps,google maps,igo maps, can download from internet

When reverse gear is engaged, this Android player will automatically switch to the reversing screen, making reversing safer and faster!

With a 4G card slot and 4G antenna, you can insert a 4G mobile phone card and connect to a mobile phone hotspot. No matter where you drive, you can enjoy the fun of surfing the Internet, making surfing/listening to music/watching movies possible

Equipped with a powerful eight-core processor, it can run multiple tasks at the same time without freezing, faster and smoother

Support Bluetooth phone, Bluetooth music, address book synchronization, you can play music and make calls through the phone connected to the Android player Bluetooth

With a dedicated power cord, plug and play; support steering wheel control; support decoding the original car information (door information, air conditioning information, etc.)

Support multiple national languages around the world

Toyota Corolla car radio dvd player Toyota Corolla android video dvd新奔驰详情_03Toyota Corolla gps navigation car radio新奔驰详情_05Toyota Corolla android 4K radio新奔驰详情_06Toyota Corolla car gps navigation radioToyota Corolla car bt radioToyota Corolla car camera Toyota Corolla car dsp radio新奔驰详情_13新奔驰详情_12新奔驰详情_14




  +86-13544427631, +86-13926747872
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